Australian Prawns on the Barbie | US Shrimps on the Barbeque

You will see recipes for grilling jumbo prawns on the barbeque like recipe that use butter at every corner. Avoid them. Butter is NOT good for you in any way. Butter is no necessary to make a delectable grilled jumbo prawn on the barbie. If the jumbo prawns calories (jumbo prawns calories aren't very much - only 80 to 120 or so per 3 oz typically) aren't enough for you and you crave calories, don't rush to use butter. Instead of butter which is just toxic calories and totally unhealthy, use a top grade olive oil. You'll get beneficial health benefits of olive oil instead of the poisons of butter - plus your grilled prawns recipe will be much better in flavor!

Jumbo Prawn Recipes | Australian Jumbo Prawns on the Barbie

As an example of an actual healthy grilled jumbo prawns recipe that doesn't kill you  from clogged arteries and heart failure from 50 ladles of butter for every prawn in the recipe, here's a rather substantial variation of a butter laden prawn recipe from a cooking website named recipe czar which was a Prawns-for-the-Barbie recipe drenched in un-needed butter toxins, and was not atypical for Australian Jumbo Prawns on the Barbie recipes of that ilk.

Our modifications to this Australian Jumbo Prawn on the Barbie recipe makes it a lot healthier than the original and give a better impact to the lemon accent and a superior flavor to the prawns. We do not use any butter (a 100% unhealthy fat which lends nothing to the recipe and only will give you cardiovascular disease).

Healthy Jumbo Prawns on the Barbie - Australian Style


 • 1/4 cup olive oil and olive oil dipping

 • 1/4 cup minced fresh herb (parsley, thyme, oregano etc.)

 • fresh lemon(s)

 • 4 garlic cloves, crushed

 • 1…
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