Cooking Jumbo Prawns on the BBQ | When are they done?

It is very easy to overcook jumbo prawns and jumbo shrimp. There is no difference between prawns vs shrimps in this regard! You want to serve the grilled prawns right at the moment when the jumbo prawns are just completely cooked and not leave the prawns cooking longer and longer. When jumbo shrimps and jumbo prawns are perfectly cooked they are still full of moisture and are plump and succulent and have just turned opaque.

The ease with which you can over-cook jumbo prawns is the down side of the fact that they are so incredibly quick and easy to cook. Just keep your eye on them so you don't ruin them by over-cooking the prawns on the grill!

Grilling Jumbo Prawns on the BBQ | When are they done?

So you have your jumbo prawns grilling on the barbeque on their skewers. How do you know when the prawns are grilled to perfection? Jumbo prawns and shrimp are cooked when the flesh has just turned white and just become firm. When grilling jumbo prawns on the barbeque (barbie) you have them conveniently right there in front of you and can see them go through the transformation from raw to cooked!

Watch out as it is very easy to end up with over-cooked jumbo prawns by not paying attention to the…

Grilling Jumbo Prawns on the BBQ |ShelL-On| When are they done?

If you are grilling jumbo prawns with the shell on, if will take a little experimentation and closer observation to see when the jumbo prawns are grilled to perfection, but it isn't hard. You'll have to rely less on looks and more on the texture and feel of the grilling prawns to judge when the prawns are grilled completely.

The trick is to grill the jumbo prawns until they become firm - and not any longer. You won't be able to see the flesh change in color inside the shell of the grilling…

Grilling Jumbo Shrimps on the BBQ | Avoid Overcooked Prawns

Perfectly cooked jumbo shrimps and jumbo prawns have only JUST turned opaque (the flesh of the shrimps has turned white and opaque) and they have JUST curled up in shape and become firm. Any cooking of your jumbo shrimps or prawns beyond this point is overcooking them and they will taste worse and worse. As you continue to cook or grill jumbo shrimps or jumbo prawns beyond this magic point of perfection they will start to curl up even tighter and tighter as they get tough in texture and lose…
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