Grilling Jumbo Prawns on the BBQ | When are they done?

So you have your jumbo prawns grilling on the barbeque on their skewers. How do you know when the prawns are grilled to perfection? Jumbo prawns and shrimp are cooked when the flesh has just turned white and just become firm. When grilling jumbo prawns on the barbeque (barbie) you have them conveniently right there in front of you and can see them go through the transformation from raw to cooked!

Watch out as it is very easy to end up with over-cooked jumbo prawns by not paying attention to the grill. The trick is to catch them when they have really just cooked about 95% of the way and the very center is still a tiny bit grey in color and not quite opaque and white in color. By the time you get the prawns off the grill the last bit of cooking will have taken place and the prawns will be 100% cooked to perfection.
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