Toss those prawns in the Wok!

If your timing for your prawn thawing is just right, as soon as the jumbo prawns are thawed, your skewers are ready and your grill is hot, or if you are wokking your jumbo prawns, your wok meal is all cooked up and waiting for the jumbo prawns to be added as the final ingredient. The grill was heating, or you were working up the first part of the wok meal while the prawns were thawing - multitasking without the effort.jumbo_prawns_onionsFreshly Thawed Jumbo Prawns tossed in the Wok

As you get practiced with your prawn thawing, you'll find that the time they sit thawed can be virtually nil - and you keep the maximum freshness from the original flash freezing. That is what can make your flash frozen jumbo prawns fresher than fresh prawns in many markets except for the exceptional.
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