Wok Recipes | Pears on the Side

Using pears as a complement to the final cooked jumbo prawn wok recipes is another nice way to complement the jumbo prawn focused meal with a fresh fruit. Pears offer a softer texture than apples (which we also use as a 'garnish' the jumbo prawn recipes). Serve your fresh pears chilled to further accentuate the difference between the hot jumbo prawn meal and the cool fruit side.
wok_recipes_pears_on_sideA Jumbo Prawn Wok Recipe with Pears on the Side

Because seasonally the availability of fresh fruits varies, we tend to use what is in season. In winter and fall in the Northern Hemisphere here we have ready access to good fresh apples and fresh pears. In summer, we'll use stone fruits like fresh peaches and fresh nectarines.


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