Cooking Prawns in a Wok | Fresh Garlic

Garlic is another incredible food when it comes to health benefits and healthy eating, and you'll benefit a great deal from including garlic in your diet. If you find that your fresh garlic is bitter tasting, you should try a new supply. Likewise, if your fresh garlic is kind of mealy and makes a paste as you cook it, you should find a new provider. Good quality fresh garlic should be firm and juicy and not bitter. Don't dismiss garlic if you have a bad experience - find a place to buy the good stuff!

Smash your fresh garlic with the flat of your knife or cleaver or your wooden spatula you use for cooking. Once it is smashed, it is easy to slip off the skin which you should do as the next step. Chop it lengthwise in slices (don't bother to be careful as you'll chop it up more later).

For each tbsb of fermented black beans we'll probably use about 3 big cloves of fresh garlic. We love it. For such a little package, garlic has tons of health benefits. You may want to use a little less or more. It isn't critical exactly how much you use.garlic_cloves_three_in_peel

Three Fresh Garlic Cloves
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