Preparing Fresh Garlic | How to Prepare Fresh Garlic

If you have every tried to peel fresh garlic cloves without using the smash and peel method, you know that it's a slow and frustrating process and maybe you ended up with a few fingertips missing in the process as well.

The secret to quickly removing the skin of a fresh garlic clove is to give the whole clove, skin and all, a quick smash. You can smash the fresh garlic clove with pretty much anything from your fist to the flat edge of a knife or (our favorite method) a wooden spatula.garlic_smashing_spatula

Although one of the most common ways to smash fresh garlic cloves to peel them is to smash them with the flat side of a cleaver or wide knife, we like the wooden spatula because it's not going to accidentally slip and take a slice out our fingers or hands! We always have it handy, so it's just as easy to reach for the wooden spatula as a knife in the first place.

Place the spatula over the clove of fresh garlic (with the flattest part of the fresh garlic clove against the cutting board so it is least likely to skitter away), and give it a good hard smash on the back of the spatula with your other hand.
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