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Jumbo Prawn Recipes

Welcome to web pages where you can learn everything from jumbo prawn (and shrimp) taxonomy to how to grill a jumbo prawn on a skewer (after all we eat them).

Delve into uropods, pleopods, and why the telson is tougher to eat than the carapace in your favorite jumbo prawn recipe! Learn how to cook jumbo prawns and shrimp and lots more great foods using the one of the greatest cooking implements every invented by man (we mean the wok, of course). Start with the site map, or browse the main menu headings at the top of the page to begin your journey.


This giant tiger prawn photo comes from the UK and Newquay's Blue Reef Aquarium. It was caught by a Cornish fishing boat and may be a rogue jumbo prawn from a French shrimp fishery which grew up in the English Channel. Blue Reef's David Waines said: "We understand that virtually all of those have been found since the 1980s and experts believe they are escapees from shrimp fisheries off the coast of France."

Don't let jumbo prawns escape when you can eat them!

Cruise the menus to learn more about grilling jumbo prawns, cooking jumbo prawns and the barbeque, jumbo prawn taxonomy, and more!
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