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It's worth a second to mention a bit about what makes a healthy prawn recipe healthy. It is sometimes confusing, if you are looking for healthy ways to eat and want to include shrimp and prawns as part of your diet. You want to cook healthy prawns recipes (healthy shrimp recipes), but if you look online it seems that many of the so-called healthy recipes start you off with a big cup of butter. That's hardly the start of a 'healthy prawn recipe' at all. You don't need to cook with all that butter at all. We have a few truly healthy prawns recipes at jumboprawn.com and more and more healthy prawn and healthy shrimp recipes at the wok cooking site wok.recipes.jumboprawn.com where you can get details on many truly healthy shrimp recipes which don't involve ladles and ladles of butter!

Another Quick and Easy Wok Recipe at wok.recipes.jumboprawn.com

Another quick and easy wok recipe is at wok.recipes.jumboprawn.com which examines the different cooking times for wok cooking shrimp with shell on vs wok cooking shrimp which are shelled.

Wok Recipe tips at wok.recipes.jumboprawn.com

More tips on wok recipe cooking at wok.recipes.jumboprawn.com have been posted. Explanations about what one-pot wok cooking is, and variations on one-pot wok recipe cooking methods are presented. Combine wok recipes with grilling jumbo prawns on the barbeque, cook in more than one wok, cook wok recipes in sequential parts.

Second easy wok recipe at wok.recipes.jumboprawn.com recipe pages

We've posted a second easy wok recipe at the sister site wok.recipes.jumboprawn.com - a jumbo prawn recipe using the one-pot wok recipe method.

The first recipe at wok.recipes.jumboprawn.com

The first recipe details are posted at wok.recipes.jumboprawn.com which gives details of prep times for the wok recipecooking times, and other details on cooking methods for the wok recipe.


Our web site creation software (Sandvox) is really great, but it begins to die when we have too large a web site so we'll be posting the methods and details of the jumbo prawn wok recipes at a the wok.recipes.jumboprawn.com subdomain of jumboprawn.com.


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See more jumbo prawns recipes at the wok.recipes.jumboprawn.com wok recipe Website.

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