Shrimp and Prawn Taxonomy

Prawns and shrimps are all encompassed by the order Decapoda. We'll explore a few examples, but first and foremost it should be remembered that 'prawn' and 'shrimp' are for all practical purposes interchangeable in common names of both true shrimps and true prawns taxonomically speaking. is about both and will gleefully call a shrimp a prawn and a prawn a shrimp if it is more common English usage to do so (outside of strict taxonomy).

Macrobrachium Taxonomy


Let's look at a quick overview of the adjacent taxonomy of one of the true shrimps often termed a Jumbo Prawn (or a freshwater prawn or giant river prawn). Specifically, lets look at…

Macrobrachium Distribution

So where are so called jumbo prawns (really shrimps) of the genus Macrobrachium found? Macrobrachium rosenbergii is indigenous to the tropics and sub-tropics such as Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific as well, but humans have greatly expanded the…

Decapoda Order

Decapoda Order

Within the order Decapoda are quite a few creatures with which we are very familiar and which we often see on the dinner plate.
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