Decapoda | Finding our Prawns?

Let's look in more detail at Decapoda and Palaemonidae as jumbo prawns (and shrimp) are all members of Decapoda (so named for having ten feet - although that can be a bit of a stretch to imagine in some Decapoda).

Palaemonidae | Prawns at last?

Palaemonidae | Prawns at last?



It is easer to look at examples of Decapoda as seen in lobsters, crabs and crayfish due to their size and more clear morphology. How do shrimp and prawns and prawns differ from those…

Jumbo Prawns vs. Shrimp | Gills and more

Obviously, if you are cooking up a pot of jumbo prawn stew, it is less than likely that you have a concern as to whether the jumbo prawn gills are lamellar or dendritic, and as you might expect the…

So? Jumbo Prawns or Jumbo Shrimp?

So what makes a shrimp and what makes a prawn or jumbo prawn? Both are in the order Decapoda, but there is a special separate suborder of the order Decapoda which contains the prawns (the suborder…

Prawns Vs Shrimp | Shrimp vs Prawns

Let's consider the some of the things that differentiate prawns vs. shrimps (or shrimp vs prawns if you like) in practically useful contexts. Understanding jumbo prawns vs shrimp taxonomy is one…
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