Australian Prawns on the Barbie | Grilling Jumbo Prawns on the BBQ

We now know that Down Under shrimp are prawns and prawns are prawns - and prawns on the barbie are of course a staple of any good Australian BBQ. This recipe for jumbo prawns on the barbie is therefore simultaneously a recipe for jumbo shrimps on the barbeque in the US - what a concept to contemplate!

Australian Prawns on the Barbie | US Shrimps on the Barbeque

You will see recipes for grilling jumbo prawns on the barbeque like recipe that use butter at every corner. Avoid them. Butter is NOT good for you in any way. Butter is no necessary to make a delectable grilled jumbo prawn on the barbie. If the jumbo prawns calories (jumbo prawns calories aren't very much - only 80 to 120 or so per 3 oz typically) aren't enough for you and you crave calories, don't rush to use butter. Instead of butter which is just toxic calories and totally unhealthy, use a…
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