Jumbo Prawn Wok Recipe | Garnish | Red Leaf Lettuce

In spite of what you might first think, different types of lettuce have different health benefits as they have different micronutrients - even if they may be similar and even if they are both 'green' lettuce without much color in their leaves. We like to mix up our lettuces for this reason, and one of the readily available varieties we use is Red Leaf Lettuce.
lettuce_red_leaf_lettuce_hdRed Leaf Lettuce Head

Jumbo Prawn Wok Recipe | Garnish | Red Leaf Lettuce

Jumbo Prawn Wok Recipe | Garnish | Red Leaf Lettuce

Pick the head of Red Leaf Lettuce with the richest colors and look carefully at the leaf edges for signs of rot or wilting. A good fresh head of red leaf lettuce will have the leave edges frilly and standing up from their own structural integrity.lettuce_red_leaf_lettuce_ls



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