Jumbo Prawn Wok Recipe | Garnish | Romaine Lettuce

Romaine lettuce leaves tend to be flatter than most lettuces. They also often are wider and larger, so that if you want a large leaf for making a lettuce bed for presenting your wokked jumbo prawn recipes, romaine lettuce leaves are great. Add some green leaf lettuce leaves around the edges to give more body and some red leaf lettuce leaves to give a splash of color.
lettuce_romaine_lettuce_headRomaine Lettuce head - full and un-wilted

More of the nutrients are in the leafy portion of the leaves, so try to pick your romaine lettuce with the riches green leaves and with green leaf edges far down the full leaf length.

Jumbo Prawn Wok Recipe | Garnish | Romaine Lettuce

Jumbo Prawn Wok Recipe | Garnish | Romaine Lettuce

Although usually romaine lettuce leaves are very flat, sometimes they are somewhat crinkled as well. Avoid romaine lettuce leaves that are wilted or that feel too thick and leathery to the touch. Romaine lettuce can sometimes get very leathery and usually has little flavor when it is thick, tough and leathery.
lettuce_romaine_leavesRomaine Lettuce Leaves - unusually crinkly and voluminous


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