Cooking Prawns in a Wok | Fermented Black Beans

If your fermented black beans are too salty (in that you see them caked in salt or a lot of salt sticking to them) you may want to briefly rinse them in water to remove some of the salt before you use them in your wokked jumbo prawn meal.

You will find that when you use fermented black beans in your meals you do not want to add any additional salt at all during cooking or with the meal when it is served as the fermented black beans themselves have a lot of salt in them already (even without excess salt stuck on them).

If they are fine right to start, you shouldn't have to rinse them at all, but it doesn't hurt and will cut down on the amount of oil you use in your recipes as the quick water rinse will keep them from absorbing too much oil when you first place them in your wok.

Lay them on your preparation board with your fresh garlic and fresh ginger.
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