Thin Slicing Ginger Root

If you want your fresh ginger root to have a little more subtle presence flavor-wise (where the individual pieces of fresh ginger root in your meal are visible but less individually flavorful), then slicing the fresh ginger root in very thin slices is a nice way to prepare the ginger for cooking.

The fact that the slices are papery thin means that they will lose most of their flavor into the meal ingredients as they cook together, but because the slices are only thin in one dimension, they will still be quite visible in your final cooked meal and aesthetically appealing and giving texture in a different way than minced or chopped or smashed ginger will.

ginger_root_thin_slicedThinly Sliced Fresh Ginger Root Juicy and Non-Fibrous

For this kind of more delicate slicing and presentation, you can peel or not peel as you prefer. The skin with these very thing slices is not noticeable. Our preference is usually to peel, but it isn't required.
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