How to Pick a Portabella Mushroom | Flat Cap

When the portabella mushroom is really and truly at the peak of ripeness, the cap is quite flat at the edges and the gills are fully open and spores are dropping.portabella_mushroom_oldA ripe portabella mushroom (battered and bashed)

When you encounter the fully ripe portabella mushroom while shopping, as it is more fragile than the immature portabella mushrooms, it will look more bedraggled and likely have some bits missing and some damage to the gills. As long as the gills and cap are in good condition, there should be nothing wrong with the portabella mushroom in this state. Do avoid mushrooms if the gills or caps appear to be mashed or unusually moist which might indicate spoilage.

The portabella mushroom cap at this stage is flat, but not yet inverted (a really old portabella mushroom will begin to get an inverted cap). This is when the portabella flavor is close to its peak, and you are also buying less water and more mushroom for every ounce or kg you buy!
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