Macrobrachium Taxonomy


Let's look at a quick overview of the adjacent taxonomy of one of the true shrimps often termed a Jumbo Prawn (or a freshwater prawn or giant river prawn). Specifically, lets look at macrobrachium rosenbergii which is a species in the genus macrobrachium, which in turn is a genus of the palaemonid shrimps Palaemonidae of the suborder Pleocyemata (the true shrimps) of the order Decapoda. If your Latin and Greek schooling is fresh in your mind, you'll know that the order of decapods (Decapoda) means in translation 'ten footed' and thus it comes as no surprise that the the Decopoda order of crustaceans includes not only prawns and shrimp of other ten legged crustaceans such as lobsters, crabs and crayfish.

The Palaemonidae family at a higher level of taxonomic granularity belongs to the infraorder Caridea. Caridea is actually an infraorder within Pleocyemata and thus contains the true shrimps. True prawns are of the suborder Dendrobranchiata, although some freshwater palaemonid species are known as "prawns" as well and in common usage 'shrimp' and 'prawn' are often interchangeable.

Palaemoninae are mostly carnivores that eat small invertebrates and are found in most aquatic habitat including fresh and saltwaters except the very depths of the ocean. Of the genera of the Palaemonidae one of the most significant is the Macrobrachium genus because of commercial cultivation.
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