Combining the Beans Garlic and Ginger

You have your fermented black beans in a little pile (perhaps rinsed with water earlier), your fresh garlic peeled, smashed, and sliced up a bit, and your fresh ginger peeled, smashed and minced up a bit.

Now, smoosh the fermented black beans, garlic and ginger into one big pile and chop them up some more together mixing them up a bit as you do it. You want your fermented black beans in about halves to quarters and your garlic and ginger bits to be about the size of 1/2 of a fermented black bean. Don't cut them up too much smaller than this, as you want the individual pieces to have some noticeable flavor in the wokked jumbo prawn meal and not be lost altogether because they are so tiny.

ginger_garlic_black_beansPrepare them as the last thing you prepare before starting cooking so they don't lose flavor, or if you prepare them earlier, put them in a tiny dish and cover them up.
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